Review Guidelines

At CBDdelivered we want to help future buyers of cannabis-related products to narrow down their potential options by offering a review system for online stores.

The reviews on our website are 100% visitor reviews and we kindly ask you, as a reviewer, to comply with our rules.

Before submitting a review, ask yourself:

Have I made a purchase from the store I am reviewing?

Is this my genuine experience from the store I am reviewing?

Is this the most recent experience I have had from this store?

If you answered yes without hesitation to the above three questions, then go ahead and submit your review.

Furthermore, in case of a bad experience, it is always best to contact the store’s support in an attempt to resolve any issues, before simply leaving a bad review. However, bad reviews are part of the online ecosystem, so if you feel the need to submit one, go ahead.

And last but not least, while we cannot guarantee 100% that you won’t do it, don’t submit a review that you are paid for. It does not help the online community of cannabis-enthusiasts at all. It does not help any community or whatsoever at all.