Store Spotlight E5: Receptra Naturals

Store Spotlight E5: Receptra Naturals

Welcome to another edition of "Store Spotlight". A series of features that introduce you to the company behind the products. Why did they start in the first place and what is their vision? How do they portaiy the future of the medical cannabis industry? Which is their signature product and where do they source their raw materials from? Do they give back to the community and how? All that and even more interesting facts on todays "Store Spotlight" featuring Receptra Naturals.
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Receptra Naturals
Before we start, we would like to thank our guest, Krista Arendsen, who answered all our questions on behalf of Receptra Naturals. Receptra Naturals was founded in 2015. In addition to their online store, their products are widely available in all 50 states as well as internationally from thousands of retailers both online and in physical stores. They have been featured in Forbes, LA Weekly, and hundreds of other notable resources as a trusted source for CBD productions and solutions.
    1. What are the advantages of online shopping for the medical cannabis consumer?
    2. In a nutshell: abundance of products, no need to drive to a shop, and 24/7/365 online store availability.
    1. Do you also have a brick-and-mortar shop?
    2. Not currently.
    1. What kind of promotional methods do you use for your online store?
    2. We utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid advertising, social media, and offline marketing. We also operate on the basis of personal recommendations.
    1. Speaking of promotion and given the semi-legal status of the medical-cannabis industry, do you encounter any difficulties doing so?
    2. Short answer: Not really.
    1. Do you sell your own products or do you offer other manufacturers' ?
    2. We sell our own products.
    1. Where are the raw materials sourced from?
    2. Raw materials for the products that we sell are sourced from Colorado.
    1. Do you run any lab tests?
    2. Yes, we test our products to ensure they meet our quality standards. And we are taking it one step further, utilizing both our own lab, as well as independent labs.
    1. Many online stores have such an abundance of products and one might think it gets overwhelming. What is you take on that? How many products do you offer currently online?
    2. In terms of the number of products that an online store should offer, we believe that the consumer might get lost if presented with an overwhelmingly large option base. It is better to offer a few really good products than a handful of not so great ones. Our store offers between 26 and 50 products at any given time. You can be certain to find the product for the use you are looking for, without getting a headache considering too many options.
    1. Tell us more about your products and if you had to pick one or more signature products, which would they be?
    2. We currently sell tinctures, pet products and topicals. If I had to pick up one or more products that we are really proud of, without undermining the quality of the rest, I would say:
    1. What is one thing you are mostly proud about your products?
    2. The Receptra team is a team of fighters. All of us have had to overcome something difficult, had to fight for ourselves or our loved ones – and we’re bonded by a sense of serious relief, having never given up. CBD played a role through all of our experience. We know the truth is curative, and we take our customers’ feedback as the most important truth of all.
      Receptra products are now available in all 50 states and in many countries internationally, in thousands of retailers and online. We’ve been featured in Forbes, LA Weekly, and hundreds of other notable resources as a trusted source for CBD productions and solutions. As we grow, we must never forget our origins. Truth drives us to be better people, it allows us to solve problems faster, to listen harder, and to create better products for you.

    1. Many people are looking for promotions and coupons to ease their budget. Do you run such product promotions? How about a loyalty program?
    2. Yes, we often run product promotions. And we do have a loyalty program which we call "Receptra Rewards Points Program". It gives you a chance to earn rewards points just by purchasing your favorite CBD products and sharing with your friends and family. Rewards points can be exchanged for free Receptra CBD products and discounts. It’s our gift to you, as a member of the Receptra Family for your continued loyalty and patronage. Learn more about our loyalty program and the program's terms.
    1. Do you support any particular communities or segments (ex. military veterans, first responders) or greater causes (ex. animal rights activists) and how?
    2. We provide Veteran Discounts and we also support non-profits through our "Receptra Gives" program.
    1. What is your vision?
    2. We exist to provide you, our families, and ourselves with natural solutions to achieve serious rest, serious relaxation, and serious relief to take on whatever life throws at us. We have made it our mission to ensure our products and labels are easy, clear, and safe, allowing transparency throughout the entire process so you can use Receptra Naturals in confidence for all of life’s battles. You come to everyone else’s rescue. Now, let us come to yours.

    1. Is there anything you wanted to add about Receptra Naturals or the cannabis market in general?
    2. Our carefully-formulated CBD hemp extracts are made with the highest quality, hand-shucked hemp from our family-owned farm. The extract is then blended with all-natural and organic ingredients and botanicals to enhance the effectiveness of the product to help you bring your best self, depending on your needs. We are a premium agricultural products company that owns our supply chain, which means: Self-grown premium hand-harvested hemp flower with robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Less than 1% of industrial hemp in the marketplace would qualify for inclusion in our products.
      Extracted for maximum plant wellness benefits including high levels of full-spectrum cannabinoids and Beta-Caryophyllene.
      Formulations developed by a team of internal and external chemists and cosmetic specialists with advanced degrees and deep industry expertise.
      Proudly Botanical – Our products contain all-natural plant-based and organic ingredients.

Thank you Krista Arendsen, Affiliate Manager of Receptra Naturals for this thorough Store Spotlight.

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This is an interview and not a paid review. Views expressed here by the representative of Receptra Naturals are their own and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of our website.
Receptra Naturals at a glance
  • pet products, topicals, tinctures
  • lab tested products from family-owned farm
  • transparency throughout the entire production process
  • all-natural plant-based and organic ingredients
  • non-profit organizations and veterans support
  • loyalty program and product promotions
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We have made it our mission to ensure our products and labels are easy, clear, and safe, allowing transparency throughout the entire process so you can use Receptra Naturals in confidence for all of life’s battles.

Receptra Naturals