Terms for Humans

This is a TLDR of our complete Terms

The idea behind CBDdelivered.com, the design, and development, as well as its Logo, is our own intellectual property that we kindly ask you to respect.

You are responsible for the content you submit via our website so please be original and have a common sense.

Regarding your content, a common practice, if you wish, is to have a backup of it stored elsewhere and not only on our website. If we seize our operations sometime in the future your content will be lost.

The cookies we use provide us with analytics that help us better understand your use of our website and improve your experience. While it is not obligatory, we kindly ask you to accept them.

We make money through affiliate links to third party websites (the stores). However, we are not responsible for the content these websites provide so please be careful when you visit a link as you would otherwise be. Read more here.

We moderate all reviews that visitors leave and also try and filter reviews that seem suspicious. However, no system is 100% bulletproof. Just keep in mind that CBDdelivered will never agree to show paid reviews so, please, if you are thinking about it, forget about it.

All content here at CBDdelivered.com, including content provided by any third-party, such as visitors, is purely informative and cannot be considered as a recommendation to use cannabis products and services.

Always remember: When in doubt, consult a licensed physician and shop from reputable stores that carry a proven record on quality.

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